Free Christmas Wish List Printable

Christmas time can be draining, especially for moms! Save yourself time by downloading my free Christmas Wish List Printable for kids so that you have everything your kids want and need in one place!

As a child did you ever get a gift you were not thrilled about?  Maybe it was a toy or clothing that you liked a few years ago, but now it was not your style.  This can happen because you did not know your child’s likes have changed.  Maybe they have outgrown legos, or already have too many.

Christmas Wish List Printable

What is on my Christmas Wish Printable

On your Christmas Wish List Printable, you will find it broken down into sections.

  • Things you want
  • Things you need
  • Things you really want
  • Things you really need

And then I have them always put their favorite things. This includes:

  • Color
  • Favorite thing to do
  • Favorite Candy
  • Favorite place to eat
  • Favorite Sport

Something I Need

When you think of something you need I think we all think socks and underwear, but there are so many things that your kids may need that are worn and need to be replaced or maybe something that they don’t have but need! These are so great needs for your kid’s lists!

Something To Play

We love to play games in our house, so we are always getting new games for Christmas. Check out these game ideas.

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Christmas Wish list Printable

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