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How to Plan a Unicorn Birthday Party

plan a unicorn birthday party with free printables

Hosting a unicorn birthday party? Then this post is for you! How to Plan a Unicorn Birthday Party with a Free Printable Planner and Free Printable Unicorn Party Invitations has everything you need to plan the ultimate unicorn birthday party!

Little girls are crazy about unicorns.  With their beautiful horse bodies and magical horn, who wouldn’t love unicorns.  Today I’m sharing my free Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations plus everything you need to plan a Unicorn Birthday Party.

Kids really don’t need an over-the-top birthday party.  They really only care about the people who come to celebrate with them.  Of course, as parents, we want to do everything we can to make it extra special.

How do you plan a magical unicorn party?

You can use my free printable party planner to help you plan your unicorn birthday party.  It is even unicorn themed! Next, follow my unicorn party ideas below.

Planning is key to starting out, and I have the perfect party planner for you in my free printables library.  Just sign up for my newsletter and you will receive a password to gain access to ALL of my free printables!

Get my Free Printable Unicorn Birthday Party Planner & Party Invitations by Signing up Below.

What do you do at a unicorn party?

Besides unwrapping gifts, there are lots of things you can do at a Unicorn birthday party.  Luckily I’m sharing lots of free Unicorn party printables and ideas with you.

Have the kids color these cute unicorn coloring pages, check out these free printable unicorn coloring pages.

Make this fun unicorn craft with toilet paper rolls and some colorful yarn.

Make some unicorn slime following these instructions. Check out the two different recipes of unicorn slime.

Here’s another slime DIY.

Make a unicorn fairy garden. A fun craft for kids to do at the party and take home as a party favor.

Have a Unicorn Pottery Birthday Party, like at Artsy Fartsy Mama. Click the image below to check out her fun Unicorn Party.

Create some Unicorn Scratch Art. You can get the DIY instructions and FREE printable below.

Play Some Unicorn Birthday party games

I’m sharing two free printable unicorn bingo games with you. The first Unicorn Bingo game has 10 Bingo cards and calling cards.  The 2nd Unicorn Bingo Game comes with 30 free bingo cards. These free printable unicorn bingo games will help entertain the kids during your party.  Have cute little prizes to give to the winners, like these unicorn party favors.

 Find your Unicorn name with this free printable on Chefeti. You can create some name tags and give the new “unicorn name” to each party participant.

Have the Kids make a Unicorn necklace, you can find out how to make your own DIY Unicorn necklace on Project with Kids.

Unicorn Birthday Party Favors

This DIY Unicorn Favor bag is perfect for the kids to take all their party favors home! Click the image below to learn to make it.

Get this free printable unicorn headband. This unicorn headband is so easy to make, just print and cut!

These free printable unicorn coloring bookmarks would make fun favors for all the partygoers.

Craft a Unicorn horn headband with this easy tutorial. It is a no-sew pattern, so anyone can do it.

Make these adorable Unicorn Party Favors. This DIY has the instructions and a list of everything you need to make a fun party favor for the kids to take home with them.

Get this Unicorn Fortune Teller (cootie catcher) in my shop. They make great party favors! Print as many as you want and add them to each child’s party favor bag.

How do you make a unicorn centerpiece?

Check out these 2 DIY unicorn cakes. They are so cute and would make great centerpieces for any table.

Unicorn birthday party food ideas

Make these adorable unicorn sugar cookies for your unicorn-themed party.  They are adorable and so edible!

If cupcakes are more your speed, check out these magical unicorn cupcakes for a fun food idea for your unicorn-themed party.

What food Can Your Serve at a Unicorn Birthday Party?

Besides, cake and cookies, I have a few other ideas for your unicorn birthday party. Have fun with these unicorn-themed hot cocoa bombs.

Cake pops are always a hit with kids, find out how to make unicorn cake pots below.

Make this colorful unicorn dip as a fun snack for the kids. I think the parents will love it too.

These unicorn no-bake strawberry cheesecake cups look delicious and are super cute!

Make and serve these fun unicorn poop cookies. I think the kids will have a lot of laughs over these fun cookies.

Learn how to make edible unicorn cookie dough with just a few simple ingredients.

Check out these cute Unicorn water bottle & capris sun labels from my shop!

I hope these fun unicorn birthday party ideas will help you plan your child’s epic unicorn birthday party.

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