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30 Plus DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Are you planning a Mermaid Birthday Party? Check out 30 Plus Magical DIY Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas for your next Under the Sea Birthday Party. I’ve organized the list into categories.  I’m starting with party decorating first.  Remember, this isn’t just a bunch of ideas.  This post is all about how to make your mermaid party shine, with links to everything DIY for your Mermaid Under the Sea celebration.

You will love these inspirational and DIY Mermaid-themed Birthday party ideas. These mermaid decor ideas for your birthday party will inspire you to create the BEST Mermaid themed Party.

Not only do I have a ton of fabulous ideas for your Mermaid themed birthday party, but I also have all the DIY information you will need to create each of these ideas.

Below you will find gorgeous party decorations, fun craft ideas, delicious desserts, party favors, and other fun ideas to make your mermaid party magical and fun.

DIY Mermaid Backdrop and Mermaid Decorations

I’m starting with Under the Sea backdrops and decorations. They are all magical and DIY, helping you save money for your Mermaid-themed party.

DIY Mermaid Backdrop from Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

This DIY mermaid backdrop tutorial will sure come in handy!

DIY Jellyfish Lanterns from Finding Time to Fly

Just a few of these Jellyfish Lanterns will make a big impact on your party decorating. They are perfect for any water, sea, or mermaid themed event. You can even fold them flat for easy storage and save them for another time.

Food for Your Mermaid Party

Next up, pretty and tasty food for your mermaid party.  From simple recipes to more complicated ones, you will find what you need to sustain your mermaid party guests.  My favorite is the mermaid cupcakes! Scroll down, to find out how to make your own m

Little Mermaid Freak Shake from The Soccer Mom Blogs

Let your culinary imagination run wild with this over-the-top spectacular Mermaid Freakshake!

Easy Mermaid Cupcakes from The Soccer Mom Blogs

We’ll show you our favorite mermaid cupcake ideas so you can create super cute treats for your next event!

Adorable Mermaid Cookes from The Savvy Mama Lifestyle

This Mermaid Cookies Recipe is perfect for a themed party favor. They taste good too – soft and buttery.

Magical Mermaid Popcorn from A Magical Mess

If you’re looking for mermaid party food ideas, you’ve found one! This mermaid popcorn is a delicious and easy treat that instantly adds whimsy to any party.

Mermaid Cookie Cups from A Magical Mess

These magical little cookie cups are the perfect addition to any under the sea themed party.

Easy Mermaid Cookies from Kim and Carrie

These Mermaid Cookies are so cute yet easy to make! They would be perfect for any mermaid-themed party, especially a Little Mermaid birthday party. 

Mermaid Cheesecake Pops from Made in a Pinch

Need a quick and easy, themed party dessert? These Mermaid Cheesecake Pops will delight anyone at a mermaid or princess party.

Mermaid Cupcakes from My Mini Chefs

These beautiful and easy Mermaid Cupcakes are perfect for a little girl’s mermaid partyMermaid cupcakes are the cutest party treat and a must-make for your next summer party!

Mermaid Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes from Eat Move Make

Dive into a world of enchantment with these Mermaid Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes! Indulge in delicious, creamy goodness with a whimsical twist.

Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats from How to Make Rice Crispy Treats

Starfish Cookies from In the Kids Kitchen

These colorful Starfish Cookies are perfect to enjoy for a movie night or for a summer kid’s party!

Beachy Clam Shell Cupcakes from Mommy Made That

Looking for some cute under the sea cupcakes or beach themed cupcakes? We’ve got some super cute ones today! Plus, I promise they look great but are so easy to make!

Easy Mermaid Cupcakes from Made in a Pinch

Mermaid cupcakes are a HIT with anyone who loves mermaids. Here’s how to make gorgeous mermaid tail cupcakes even if you aren’t good at decorating desserts!

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Crafts, Activities, and Invitations for Your Mermaid Party

If you are looking for fun crafts and activities for your under the sea mermaid themed party, I have lots to share with you.

Make your Mermaid Party Shine with These Matching Printable Mermaid Themed Party Supplies

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