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Free Printable Fortune Teller Template

Are you looking for a fun game for kids with added nostalgia for you? Luckily, my Free Printable Fortune Teller Template is the answer!

What is a Paper Fortune Teller?

A paper fortune teller (cootie catcher) is a game that I played in grade school. We did not have templates, we just folded the paper and added all of the required information, and used our creativity to create the “fortunes”. Fortune tellers are made with the art of Origami (paper folding), then you use your fingers to make the motions.

Other Names for Free Printable Fortune Tellers

Also known as cootie catchers, whirlybirds, and chatterboxes. Whatever you call them, they are fun games for kids to play. Luckily they are also easy for you to create!

Free Printable Fortune Teller Instructions

Editable Fortune Teller

You can print my blank fortune teller out and add your own information to it. Get creative and make it into anything you want, not just a fortune teller. It could be used for doing funny tasks, or a truth or dare game. It is up to you!

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You can use this example as a guide to fill in your template.

A Few of Fortune Tellers in my Shop

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