Free Printable Halloween Find the Guest Game

My Free Printable Halloween Find the Guest game is a fun way for all the guests of the party to get to know each other.  This game is perfect for adults and kids and it would be great for any party.  I’ve set up my free printable as a generic game so you can use it at any type of celebration.

Halloween is a holiday my family enjoys.  I think primarily due to the nice crisp fall weather. The heat can get overbearing in Oklahoma, and most times that heat extends into October.  I have to admit though, our Fall season is way too short.  It seems like we have a week or two of the nice autumn weather, then it’s winter.

Free Printable Find the Guest game

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This Halloween Find the Guest Game is a free printable download that I created for all of my followers. All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter and you will receive access to my free printables library.

Halloween Find The Guest Game

Since I made this printable generic, you can cause it for any gathering by adding your own embellishments, such as stamps, stickers, or colored paper. Use some fun cardstock and glue the game on top leaving the cardstock as a border.

Are there other ways I can use this free printable?

Yes. There are so many ways you can use this game. You can use this free printable at a bridal shower, find the guest bridal shower game. Dress it up to go along with the bridal shower them.

You can play this printable game in the classroom Halloween party, or any party in the classroom.

For adults, this game could be played at a dinner party or any gathering, or even a church event. I have made it generic, so you can make it our own with embellishments.

The main goal of this game is for everyone to interact and get to know each other. If you are looking for a way to get your guests to mingle, this is the perfect conversation starter.

How to play this Halloween Party Game for Kids & Adults

The goal is to find someone at the party who matches your questions until guests find someone who does that activity, has that characteristic or can answer the question.

Pass out the free printable sheet to each person participating.  Review the sheet with your quests and answer any questions they may have.  Instruct guests to find someone who can answer one of their questions or say “yes” to one of the descriptions.  They should write that person’s name on their checklist sheet and go on to the next question with another person.  Important: Each guest can write a person’s name only once.

Set a time limit for the game and announce this to your guests. The first person to complete their form in the amount of time is the winner. If for some reason not all the questions are answered in the time limit, the person with the most answers (that are accurate and do not repeat guest’s names) wins.

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