Print Your Own DIY Post It Notes on Your Printer

I’m going to show you how to print your own DIY Post It notes on your printer and home computer. I will show you how to lay out your sticky notes on my free template and print my pre-made designs. I will also show you how to design your own on the free graphic design program “Canva”.

DIY Post It Notes

What You Need for my DIY Sticky Notes Free Download

  • 3×3 inch post-it notes. Any color
  • Printer – It’s up to you if you want to use black ink or color ink
  • My free template. (you will be prompted to sign up for my newsletter)
  • Canva program – only if you want to make your own post its My canva template – if you plan to design your own post its

Let’s Get Started on our DIY Post It Notes

  1. First, I want you to download my template. Click this link to download the template in pdf format. (you will be prompted to sign up for my newsletter)
  2. Next, you will place your sticky notes (post-it notes) on the template. You will use 3″x3″ post-its, extra sticky are the best.
  3. Line your sticky notes up on the template as evenly as you can, covering the box.
  4. You will hand-feed your post-its into your printer, do not use the auto settings. If you can’t hand feed, just load it in place of your printer paper.
  5. You also need to find out how to load the paper into your printer, rather the paper needs to be face up or face down. My printer is face-up, but I know most inkjet printers are face-down. Do a test page to figure out your printer settings, if you don’t already know.
  6. You will print one sheet of post-it notes at a time. You want to be very careful and precise when printing. So you will not jam your printer with the post it notes. The sticky side needs to be at the top of the page when your feed the paper.
  7. After your post it notes are finished printing, stack them together, then load and print another sheet.
  8. Make as many as you want.

The template will Look like this.

DIY Post It Notes
This is the Template

Add Your Sticky Notes to the template. Line up as close as possible with the squares. As shown below in the top row of the template. You will cover all of the squares with post-its (6 in total)

Sticky notes

Hand feed into your printer if possible.

diy post it notes printer

They should look similar to this when they come out of the printer.

Sticky notes

Sticky Notes Uses

  • Clean up your keyboard.
  • Mark cables.
  • Color-code your family.
  • Make a flexible dinner plan.
  • Remind kids to do chores.
  • Write a sweet note.
  • To-Do List

How to Design Your Own DIY Post It Notes

If you want to learn how to make your own DIY post-it notes, you will need the program Canva. Canva is a free Graphic Design Program, it also has an upgrade to the paid version. But, there is so much the free version offers! Plus, Canva is so easy to use! I do have the paid version, but that is to support my Etsy shop and my blog.

  1. First download Canva.
  2. Download and make a copy of my template (you will receive the link to my freebies page with a password once you sign up for my email newsletter) for canva. (you need the original to make more post its later on)
  3. Use the squares as a guide for your design.
  4. Go to the Elements tab in the column on the left. You can scroll down to see all there is to use, or you can search elements. You can find almost anything from shapes to graphics to photos. Do a search for something, like “cat” and see what you can find.
  5. Elements can easily be resized by grabbing the corner of the element with your mouse and shrinking or expanding the element.
  6. When you’re done with your designs, delete the pink square in the background.
  7. Click the download Icon and download your file as a PDF print.
  8. Use my template as explained above and print YOUR designs.

Buy More Post-it Notes Designs.

Go to my shop and buy my designs to make more custom Post-It notes.

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