Free Printable Easter Coloring Book for Kids

Are you looking for super cute Easter coloring pages? On this page, you’ll find my FreePrintable Easter Coloring Book for Kids.  The pages are full of cute bunnies for your kids to color. Perfect for preschool-aged kids and older. The pages even include a few simple activities.

Easter is a time for religion and new beginnings. At our place, it is time to start my garden and for hatching chicks.

Free Easter Printables for Kids

These free printable Easter color pages are best for preschool and older. Kids t can use these pages as a learning experience while also enjoying completing a colored page.

Free Easter Coloring Book

You can print out individual coloring pages or you can print the pages as a book and staple them together or put them in a binder.

Coloring pages are great for on the road or waiting at a doctor’s off. Keep little hands busy and entertained while waiting to reach a destination or an appointment.

How to Use Easter Coloring Pages

You can make these free Easter coloring pages into a mini coloring book by printing each page 4 to a page on your printer, then cutting them out and stapling them together. To do this, enter the settings when you hit the print button.

Free Printable Easter Bunny PDF for Learning


Color pages are a great way for kids to express their creativity. They can choose their own colors and color combinations. Let them use their imagination, even if they color outside the lines, and use odd color combinations.

learning colors

Children will learn their colors while coloring these free printable Easter coloring pages. Primary colors are a great start, and you can work their way up to more colors as they progress.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor is a crucial step in a child’s development From coloring to fastening buttons, coloring is a great way to improve those fine motor skills. When coloring, kids will improve the development of:

  • Holding the pencil properly
  • Building dexterity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Manipulating tools like pencils and crayons


Coloring takes concentration and focus. These coloring pages are the perfect way to help your child develop better concentration. Color pages provide kids a set of procedural steps to follow to complete the task that are fun and engaging. It’s an easy way to help them build their powers of concentration and focus. Plus, they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even know it.

Fun Easter Games for Your Kids

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Download and Print Easter Coloring Pages

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