Free Printable Potty Training Charts

Potty Training is hard! I know some people do not struggle with it, but my family did. These Free Printable Potty Training Charts I created were the ticket to get my daughter potty trained!

There is a lot of stuff out there!  Potty training in one day, I wish! So, I read up on everything.  I discovered one of the main things a toddler needs is visual stimulation.  I liked the idea of using a baby doll and baby potty chair to show her how it works, but I did not have either of those things.  And, living in the boonies, I can’t just run to town and buy one.

Potty Training Chart Printables

The next best thing was charts, stickers, and YouTube.  I went searching for potty charts online.  There are lots out there that are free to print.  I got some great ideas and created my own potty training sticker charts.

Potty Training Charts

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The Potty Training Talk

We had a big discussion about it on Thursday after I picked her up from daycare.  I explained that we were not buying diapers anymore and that she was going to start wearing big girl panties from now on.  (We had read to just get rid of diapers completely, don’t go back for any reason, like long trips, nighttime, etc).  I had one package of toddler panties and bought another package.

Potty Training Panties

I decided I wanted to do training panties, instead of just panties because I knew there would be lots of accidents and I did not want puddles on my carpet and furniture.  Well, once again, no training panties to be found in our small town.  So, I decided to make my own. You can learn to make your own potty training panties here, on my other website.

Tips and Trips for Potty Training with These Free Charts

Print your favorite charts or print all of them. I hung the chart up in the bathroom. I then bought some of her favorite stickers to use on the charts. You could also print and make your own stickers or use a stamp. Each time your child potties in the toilet, you put (or let them) a sticker on the chart. You could do 1 sticker for peeing and 2 for pooping in the potty. Once the chart is full, they earn a prize. The prize could be something simple, such as a bottle of bubbles, a small candy bar, or a toy.

Potty Training Panties

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